After-sales service commitment:
Hengchuang Wulian promises to provide users with free maintenance within 12 months from the date of shipment, but does not include external accessories such as data cables, power adapters, and batteries.
1. To provide modular maintenance methods for Baonei products, the maintenance period is greatly shortened under the premise of ensuring the maintenance quality.
2, within three months, because of the same failure phenomenon and rework, free maintenance costs.
3, regardless of security, security products to provide permanent free software upgrades.
4. For products that are gradually discontinued, they will continue to provide customers with one-year maintenance services from the date of publication.
Bao Nei products:
1. During the warranty period (12 months from the date of shipment), the company will repair or replace parts for free, and bear the cost of the courier returned by us.
2. If the returned product is detected as fault-free, the customer must pay for the courier cost of the product.
3. Products that have any of the following conditions during the warranty period will be treated as foreign product:
  a. During the warranty period, the user does not use the standard power supply, data lines, batteries, etc. caused by the failure of my company's consent;
  b. User misuse, abuse, unauthorized removal, whether accidental or artificial;
  c. The product has no serial number or has been exchanged with the serial number without my company's consent;
  d. In response to customer demand, the product will be transformed, reprocessed, tested, etc.
  e. Machine damage caused by loading and unloading due to transportation company's transportation;
  f. Irresistible natural forces such as lightning strikes, earthquakes, floods, fires and other product damage;
Foreign products:
1. Products that exceed the warranty period of 12 months belong to foreign products. We will collect materials and working hours according to the actual fault conditions.
2. Although it is within the warranty period but is not covered by the warranty for various reasons (see Item 3 in the product), the materials and working hours will also be charged.
3. After the foreign product quotation is waived, if the customer cancels the repair, the courier cost generated by sending the repaired product will be borne by the customer. Our company will not charge the inspection fee.
4. After testing the foreign product that cannot be repaired, the customer service department of our company will notify the customer and destroy or send back the customer on the spot according to the customer's opinion, but the customer's express delivery cost will be borne by the customer.