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Wired Barcode Scanner

Handheld Industrial Barcode Scanner

· Using 1280*800 high-resolution, high frame rate image sensor, can quickly identify higher-precision barcodes.

· Ergonomic design, Gun Type shape, comfortable operation, not easy to fatigue after long-term work, in line with product design in industrial environment, more durable.

· Intelligent light source switching, active memory and intelligent switching of the best decoding light source.

· A variety of communication interface options, the data cable can be replaced quickly, and the plug and play is more convenient.

· Intelligent debugging mode, intelligently scan settings for direct component marking (DPM) barcodes such as laser engraving and dotting, and provide the best decoding settings for fixed application scenarios.

Application area

Mobile phone production and assembly manufacturing Photovoltaic product assembly and manufacturing Automobile manufacturing production lines, etc.


  • H-900 Datasheet
  • H-900 Poster
  • H-900 Poster

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