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Warehousing and Logistics Industry

With the popularization of barcode technology in all areas of life,  data collector are used in the logistics and warehousing industry. The application of barcodes in logistics can effectively improve the identification efficiency of items, increase the speed and accuracy of logistics, thereby reducing inventory, shortening the flow time of items, and increasing Logistics benefits, meet the high-speed and efficient requirements of modern logistics, and better serve customers.

Advantages of barcode scanner in warehouse storage:

1. Improve the efficiency of the work process and assist the warehouse staff to automatically process orders and data transmission operations

2. Simplify logistics operations, improve work efficiency, reduce personnel expenses and save inventory space.

3. Update and upload product information in time, and relevant personnel can get the latest information at any time.

4. The barcode scanner can effectively and correctly compare the correctness of product information to avoid payment loss.

5. Track and prevent potential errors.

6. Use the barcode scanner to scan the order barcode to confirm the storage location of the goods in the warehouse.

7. Wide scanning range, with wireless LAN connection capability.

The following are scanning products suitable for the warehousing and logistics industry.



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