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HENEX attend to 2023 Euroshop Exhibition in Germany was successfully concluded.
2023-03-13 0

The EuroShop 2023 is being held at the Dusseldorf Exhibition Center on 26th Feb. - 2nd Mar. 


For its retail Germany show which are come from about 55 countries / districts of 1,800 exhibitors, not only concerned global development,but also showcase the full range of current trends and futureoriented solutions in 16 exhibition halls with over 100,000 square meters of net exhibition space. Therefore, it is currently focusing on particularly important themes that affect the most diverse segments of retail.   


Hot topics for EuroShop 2023 include: "Retail Technology", "Retail Marketing", "Shop Fitting" and so on. 


After three years waiting, HENEX have prepared well. This exhibition we displaying the barcode scanners for its innovation technology and fashiondesign, accompanied by products performance are greatly improved , and attracting a lot of customers, to meet the needs of customers in different applications. Except self independent research barcode scanners, and showing A number of excellent performance, cost effective new products: 2D Wearable Scanner, model H-500 and Enterprise mobile computer model H4&H5.

  A new product series,It provides a full set of solutions such as multi-scene, multi-function and multi-application to help create applications such as   smart store, smart medical treatment, smart storage and smart logistics.


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