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HENEX attend to 2023 year Autocom 2023 Exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazilwas successfully concluded
2023-04-08 0

The Autocom 2023 is being held at the Sao Paulo  Brasil  on Exhibition time  28th - 30th March 2023.


HENEX booth


In this exhibition, a large number of visitors are interested in our new products - 2D Wireless Barcode Scanner and Wearable Scanner and Enterprise Mobile Computer, and strive to experience products and consult related technical parameters of products.

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In the spare time of the exhibition, we also experienced the Brazilian food culture, the popular graffiti culture everywhere in Brazil, and appreciated the cultural scenery of Brazil.

Cooking culture

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  • Graffiti culture

涂鸦文化 (10)


天主教堂 (12)

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